Our Approach

At TriAction, we are dedicated to providing quality triathlon coaching to all our athletes. To us, this means:
  • Establishing an effective coaching partnership with every athlete;
  • Providing a friendly, positive and supportive training environment;
  • Delivering personalised training plans based on the latest developments in science and training methodology.

We encourage every athlete to strive for personal excellence. We work with you to set realistic goals and develop the plan required to help you get there. The success of this process relies on honest, two-way communication and feedback. You can expect this from our coaches and they expect the same from you!

It is important to us that participation in triathlon is a positive experience for our athletes and so we take a wholistic approach to athlete development. We promote triathlon-life balance and the importance of both the physical and mental dimensions of goal achievement.

“.....Matt (my coach) and I work together to ensure my sessions are targeted to my goals and work into my schedule. I have developed a close professional relationship with Matt and it is great having someone to oversee what I'm doing and to discuss my training thoughts, issues and ideas with. This really helps me stay focused on reaching my goals. Having a quality coach is definitely driving me beyond what I was achieving on my own and I am excited about what I can achieve in triathlon.”

- Luke, 25-29 Long-course triathlete