bradName: Brad

Nickname: Many people call me Braddles, I have no idea why!

Proudest triathlon moment: It has to be completing my first Ironman. A year of hard training all fell into place on the day and I succeed in reaching my goal time.

My favourite training location: Galston Gorge and Kurnell. I don't mind Stanwell Tops but its been a few years since I ventured there.

My coach is always telling me: It's time in the saddle that will make me a better rider.

I relax before a race by: Going to a movie, reading a book and eating way too much.

My most treasured possession is: Can I say my kids? My kids mean the world to me. In triathlon terms it would be my bike, I invest a lot of time with it and the results are starting to show.

I'm happiest when: I am active, I love it! Also, and in no way second, when I am with Bec. She calms me like no other and, as corny as it sounds, completes me as a person.

When I'm not training or racing you can find me: Helping people reach their fitness goal with my personal training services.

When I was a kid I wanted to: Be a chef. I actually completed 3 years as an apprentice before changing directions.

My last meal would be: A burger with chips and a big bowl of Sara Lee honeycomb ice cream.

I'm inspired by: People like Macca, Crowie and Lance as they are amazing athletes (despite recent indiscretions by some).



First name: Cheri

Nickname: kb (for koala bear because I am very good at sleeping)

My focus race this season is… Gold Coast Half Ironman

My proudest triathlon moment…will be finishing Gold Coast HIM this year after being forced to withdraw last year because I was too slow and had exceeded the cut off time.

By the end of 2009 I want… to have lost 20kg and qualified for Ironman!

My bike is…a brand new Felt B16 time trial bike – hot, hot, hot. J

My favourite training location is…Lake Parramatta in the Summer. What an awesome place to swim.

My coach is always telling me to…focus on cadence!

I relax before a race by….vomiting.

I am happiest when…I am surrounded by my friends and training buddies.

When I was a child I wanted to…conquer the world.

My most treasured possession is…my new bike, my garmin forerunner and my husband (in that order J)

My last meal would be….something naughty –New York cheesecake, red wine, white Costello cheese……mmmmmm!

I’m inspired by….Chrissie Wellington and anyone who has a red hot go.