paulName: Paul

Nickname: H

Proudest triathlon moment: Finishing Busso half in under 5.30hrs (self trained I might add).

My favourite training location: Swann River in Perth. Riding running or cycling.

My coach is always telling me to: "Let's work on technique and the speed will come later" and "The HANDS!"

I relax before a race by: Relieving tension any way possible.

My most treasured possession is: My family (then my Nike hat I have had since Busso).

I'm happiest when: I am not working.

When I'm not training or racing you can find me: Sleeping or at a netball game (sometimes both at the same time).

When I was a kid I wanted to: Drive trucks.

My last meal would be: My wife's Thai chicken die for!

I'm inspired by: People who have a crack.



First name: Cheri

Nickname: kb (for koala bear because I am very good at sleeping)

My focus race this season is… Gold Coast Half Ironman

My proudest triathlon moment…will be finishing Gold Coast HIM this year after being forced to withdraw last year because I was too slow and had exceeded the cut off time.

By the end of 2009 I want… to have lost 20kg and qualified for Ironman!

My bike is…a brand new Felt B16 time trial bike – hot, hot, hot. J

My favourite training location is…Lake Parramatta in the Summer. What an awesome place to swim.

My coach is always telling me to…focus on cadence!

I relax before a race by….vomiting.

I am happiest when…I am surrounded by my friends and training buddies.

When I was a child I wanted to…conquer the world.

My most treasured possession is…my new bike, my garmin forerunner and my husband (in that order J)

My last meal would be….something naughty –New York cheesecake, red wine, white Costello cheese……mmmmmm!

I’m inspired by….Chrissie Wellington and anyone who has a red hot go.